Relaunch new body wash range communicates its new microbiome protection benefit with superior moisturization infuse with the freshness that comes from the summer ingredients to hydrate and nourish the skin at the same time.

 Packaging Design | Visualization


Key Visual
Leverage the new microbiome protection technology with the power of natural ingredients 
nourish and caring the skin 24hr during the hot weather of summer.

References from
References from Dove Taiwan
                                                                                                  Client / Unilever
Agency / Holmes and Marchant
Design Director / Enid Tam
Designer / Kennard Pratama . Ken Duong 
Production / Stu Calder . Fang Hui Teh
Photographer / Stephen MacLeod
3D Rendering / Jing Lin
Project Manager / Jean Chen . Kathryn O' Connell . Michelle Kang

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