Glow comes alive with Revolutionary Rose Serum
Glow & Lovely HydraGlow that combines the power of hydration and glow science to give you visibly brighter skin.
A water light texture that absorbs into your skin giving it intense hydration. 
Enriched with precious Rose Serum that brings alive your skin’s brightness making it healthy glowing.



visual identity

TVC reference from Glow&Lovely

Client / Unilever
Agency / Elmwood
Creative Director / Richard Stayte
Design Director / Kennard Pratama
Lead Designer & Visual Showcase /  Ken Duong
Designer /  Victoria Lim . Neo Ching Chong . Ardine Keyla
Production / Stu Calder . Herb Tubera . Stiffen Phang
Project Manager / Saurabh Singh . Atima Sarda . Cherie Loh . Sushrut Jindel

All Rights Reserved.

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