Unilever wants Indonesian Millennials to fall in love with Pond’s all over again, and quick.  For this, they have collaborated with pop sensation Maudy Ayunda to co-create a range of fruity face cleansers. 

The vibrant colour palette juxtaposed with the single-minded ingredient depiction embodies 
the multifaceted personality of Maudy – bubbly, soft & youthful

 The pack not only pops on shelf, but is also very instagrammable for our social media obsessed target audience!

Client / Unilever
Agency / Holmes and Marchant
Creative Director / Richard Stayte
Design Director / Enid Tam
Designer / Ken Duong . Sean Thian
Production / Ritchie Hunter
Project Manager / Pallavi Arya . Jermaine Lim

Copyright Holmes and Marchant

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